Some stories are born to be told, but there must be someone, an advocate, who wants to make them emerge from oblivion. Luckily, this story has me. It narrates how, sometimes, it seems impossible to change your life or how life decides for itself, how love can nourish yet poison you, or make people live or die, and how difficult it is to manage your own desires if you do not fully believe in them. It also tells how, by chance, I finally managed to talk to the greeneyed guy who has breakfast at the same bar every morning but that's marginal, as I'm here just as a voice. When deciding to bring a story to life, it is not easy to stand up and remain impartial. We always end up expressing an opinion or giving events our view. This time, I was asked not to do so. I decided to reveal the facts in the same way as a lucky discovery revealed them to me and although I already know I am going to include my comments, I will try to make themmarginally, so as not to disturb the characters. I willtry to let their emotions flow without interference. For this reason, I preferred not to write in the firstperson so as not to fall into the role of the protagonist,as had been suggested. I will only tell you that if I hadto, I would start by saying,‘I met an angel who didn’t know he was an angel. He wasafraid to bring darkness within himself; instead, hebrought light to those who remained blind to appearancesand managed to look inside his heart.’


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